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Bruce Rommel Villegas Alva Photographer

Bruce Rommel ® is an experienced landscape and travel photographer based in Lima, Peru.

Born to photograph the world

In his photos he records what catches his eye in his everyday surroundings.

His passion for exploring and photographing has brought him to over seven countries worldwide and still counting.

Furthermore his photos succeed in drawing attention to the details of his surroundings. Making him more than a documentary photographer.

Photography beginnings

Bruce Rommel ® jumped into photography when he was 13 years old after discovering a book about digital photography from his grandfather. This moment has impacted his life ever since. His first digital camera didn’t have a colorful LCD screen, but it did not discourage him, and he kept on shooting.


Four years later, Bruce Rommel ® made his dream come true and he was accepted into college: Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. A few years after that, he exhibited at PUCP his first collection named Mamaida.

Bruce Rommel Villegas Alva Mamaida

Now photographer, traveler and communicator

Bruce Rommel ® has always been very fond of traveling, but only in his late teens, he fully developed his passion. He documented interesting places in all of Peru to show his family and friends something they might have never seen in their lives. Over time, photography becomes an inseparable part of his travels.

Nowadays, Bruce Rommel ® organizes tours in all of Peru and guides people to some memorable destinations like Machu Picchu, Cusco, Cajamarca, Arequipa, Lima, Callao, Yauyos Lima Perú, Miraflores Yauyos or Huaquis

In Brexpertic, he frequently teaches photography workshops and courses on various topics, including landscape photography, travel photography, long-exposure and night photography, etc.

Interested in working with Bruce Rommel ®?

Bruce Rommel Villegas Alva Videographer

Contact him with details regarding the project’s scope, and hopefully, he will come up with the right arrangement.

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